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Before writing for InfoQ, Barry Burd and I co-authored numerous articles for what was once Java Boutique (see details below) between 2005-2008. Barry and I work and write well together and we may plan further collaborative efforts. Please stay tuned...

I currently serve as a Java Queue news editor for InfoQ since May 2016 writing news articles related to the Java programming language. The complete list of my news articles are listed below:

Latest Roundup of EE4J Activities for Jakarta EE (published 5/15/2018)
Cloud Native Java Has A New Home: Jakarta EE (published 4/25/2018)
Proposed Schedule for JDK 11 (published 4/19/2018)
Java EE Guardians Moving Forward with Jakarta EE (published 4/11/2018)
Payara Foundation Releases Payara Server 5 and Payara Micro 5 (published 3/30/2018)
JetBrains Releases Kotlin 1.2.30 (published 3/12/2018)
A First Look at Java 10 Release Candidate 1 (published 2/28/2018) source code
Brian Goetz Speaks to InfoQ on Data Classes for Java (published 2/21/2018)
From Java EE to Jakarta EE: the Java EE Guardians Rebranding Debate with Oracle (published 2/18/2018)
Public Review of Java MVC 1.0 Specification is Now Open (published 1/29/2018)
Hazelcast Joins the Eclipse Foundation (published 1/9/2018) source code
IntelliJ IDEA 2017.3: Enhanced Support for Java EE 8, Spring Boot, and JUnit (published 12/20/2017)
The First Nine Projects Proposed for EE4J (published 12/13/2017)
What's New in MicroProfile 1.2 (published 11/30/2017)
Eclipse Foundation Prepares to Open Source Java EE as EE4J (published 10/25/2017)
IBM Introduces Open Liberty, an Open Source Runtime for Java Microservices (published 10/11/2017)
Brian Goetz Speaks to InfoQ on Pattern Matching for Java (published 9/27/2017)
Southbank Software Introduces dbKoda, an Open Source Database Development Tool for MongoDB (published 9/13/2017)
QCon New York 2017: Migrating Speedment to Java 9 (published 9/2/2017)
Spring Boot 2.0 Will Feature Improved Actuator Endpoints (published 8/31/2017) source code
Apache OpenWebBeans Releases Meecrowave Server Version 1.0 for Java EE-Based Microservices (published 8/30/2017) source code
JetBrains Elected to the JCP Executive Committee (published 7/18/2017)
Eric Han, VP at Portworx, Speaks to InfoQ on the State of the Hyperconverged Container Market (published 7/7/2017)
Java Module Platform System (JSR 376) Passes the Public Review Reconsideration Ballot (published 7/4/2017)
IBM and Lightbend Announce Initiative to Build New Platform for Cognitive Development (published 6/28/2017)
Oracle Defends the Java Module System (published 6/22/2017)
Jake Wharton, Android Engineer at Square, Speaks to InfoQ at ETE (published 6/9/2017)
Kiki Carter, Enterprise Architect at Lightbend, Speaks to InfoQ at ETE (published 6/7/2017)
Datacenter Operators: Bumpy Ride Running Containers on Infrastructure Built for VMs (published 5/23/2017)
Buoyant Releases Version 1.0 of Their Service Mesh, Linkerd (published 5/2/2017)
Emerging Technologies for the Enterprise Conference 2017: Day Two Recap (published 4/30/2017)
Emerging Technologies for the Enterprise Conference 2017: Day One Recap (published 4/24/2017)
Light at the End of the Long Tunnel for Java EE 8 (published 4/14/2017)
Vaadin Releases Version 8 of Their Polyglot Framework (published 3/26/2017)
Open Source Linkerd Project Celebrates First Anniversary in Quest to Become TCP/IP of Microservices (published 3/13/2017)
Public Review of JSON-P Specification 1.1 is Now Open (published 3/8/2017) source code
Lightbend Speaks to InfoQ on Their Acquisition of OpsClarity (published 2/24/2017)
Data Geekery Releases Version 3.9.0 of jOOQ, a Java ORM Tool for Building Type Safe Queries (published 2/14/2017) source code
Netflix Introduces Hollow, a Java Library for Processing In-Memory Datasets (published 1/31/2017) source code
Pivotal Releases First Milestone of Next-Generation Spring Data Featuring Reactive Database Access (published 1/19/2017)
New Vaadin Spring Release Introduces Enhanced View Management (published 12/30/2016)
Introducing Gradle Build Scans (published 12/23/2016) source code
Speedment Releases Stream ORM Version 3.0.1 (published 12/16/2016) source code Early Adopter of HTTP/2, Speaks to InfoQ (published 11/30/2016)
The Road to Javaslang 3 (published 11/12/2016)
Enterprise Development Trends 2016: A Survey of JVM Developers by Lightbend (published 11/8/2016)
Proposed Consolidation of JDK 10 OpenJDK Mercurial Repositories (published 10/21/2016)
Spring Releases Versions 1.3.8 and 1.4.1 of Spring Boot (published 10/10/2016) source code
Red Hat Releases WildFly Application Server Version 10.1 (published 10/4/2016)
Gradle Releases Version 3.0 of Their Polyglot Build Tool (published 9/24/2016)
Spring Releases Versions 2.3.1 and 2.4.0 Web Services (published 9/21/2016)
Dropwizard Java REST Framework Version 1.0.0 Features Updated Library Support, Scala, and Java 8 (published 8/30/2016)
The New Scala Center Focuses on Education and the Scala Community (published 8/16/2016)
After a Quiet 2015 Martin Odersky Outlined Significant Plans for Scala at Scala Days New York (published 8/2/2016)
Stagnation with Java EE 8: Can the Java Community Make a Difference? (published 7/9/2016)
Test Well and Prosper: The Great Java Unit-Testing Frameworks Debate (published 6/20/2016) source code
Spring Releases Version 1.1 Statemachine Framework (published 6/5/2016) source code
Twitter Releases Pants 1.0 Polyglot Build Tool (published 5/28/2016)

Barry Burd and I co-authored a total of nine (9) articles for Java Boutique (now known as JGuru). The original links to the articles were redirected to JGuru. I originally didn't think this would be a problem since I was sure that the articles were still intact. The only trick was to search for the articles and obtain the new links. However, to my horror and dismay, I learned that the articles seemed to have disappeared. It would appear that QuinStreet took over the Jupiter Media operations (publishers of Java Boutique), but didn't maintain any of the original articles. This was indeed very disheartening.

Luckily, I have the original PDF files and corresponding source code for each of the articles. I have been reorganizing all of the source code and will create a repository on Github for each one. Please stay tuned for links to the repositories as they are completed. The PDF versions of the articles can be downloaded below:

All source code has been built and run using Gradle and Ant. A consistent directory structure has been created and maintained for all the source code that correspond to each Java Boutique article. The example below corresponds to a typical directory structure relative to the article entitled, "Keeping Your Java Objects Informed with the Observer Design Pattern."

  ├── actuator
  │   ├── build.gradle
  │   ├──
  │   ├── build.xml
  │   ├── src
  │   │   └── main
  │   │       ├── java
  │   │       │    └── org
  │   │       │        └── redlich
  │   │       │            └── actuator
  │   │       │                ├──
  │   │       │                └──
  │   │       └── resources
  │   │
  │   ├── build.gradle
  ├── factory/
  ...    │


I have reviewed books published by Murach Publishing since 2012. They are published on

Murach's Java Programming — 4th Edition (published 11/11/2011)
my review (published 2/15/2012)
Murach's HTML 5/CSS 3 (published 12/23/2011)
my review (published 7/4/2012)
Murach's MySQL (published 5/1/2012)
my review (published 7/4/2012)
Murach's HTML 5/CSS 3 — 3rd Edition (published 4/30/2015)
my review (published 7/13/2015)
Murach's Beginning Java with NetBeans (published 6/30/2015)
my review (published 11/2/2015)
Murach's JavaScript — 2nd Edition (published 9/22/2015)
my review (published January 18, 2016)
Murach's jQuery — 2nd Edition (published 9/1/2015)
my review (on deck...)
Murach's Android Programming (published 9/23/2013)
my review (way overdue!)
Murach's C# 2012 (published 5/6/2013)
my review (way overdue!)

I also had the pleasure of reviewing other books from various authors:

Milepost Zero by Thomas Yorke (published 5/6/2015)
my review (published 7/6/2015)
Wishing on a Rainbow by Thomas Yorke (published 11/22/2015)
my review (on deck...)